June 2023


The Baden-Baden Philharmonic breathes with the singers, creates atmosphere and shines with fine woodwind solos. This is also due to Nayden Todorov from Plovdiv, who conducts the evening. Also in the orchestral pieces, the orchestra, under Todorov’s prudent direction, impresses with homogeneity and precision.

April 2023

Bachtrack – United Kingdom

The string sound was clean and bright, ensemble was pin-sharp, the timbre of every woodwind instrument was rich, the solos attractively phrased. The sound of the two horns was gorgeous in their many interventions, particularly the hunting calls of the third movement. Under the attentive baton of Nayden Todorov, not a hair was out of place…

Todorov was a purposeful conductor, always precise, always involved, never histrionic…
The musicianship, high emotions and attention to text of this performance made it an absolute winner.

May 2022

Magazine Platea – Spain

The Liceu orchestra was plastic and technically fine as early as the Nabucco Overture, later putting some drama and little poetry into the introduction to Isabelle de Valois’s aria. Nayden Todorov led with clarity, efficiency and focus to achieve good results throughout the evening.

May 2022

Opera Actual – Spain

Nayden Todorov had no qualms about emphasizing large melodic extensions or excited rhythms – his “La Tragenda” was enthusiastically received, confirming the current good level of the Liceu Orchestra. The audience got what they came to hear – an excellent evening.

January 2022


Sonya Yoncheva was accompanied by the Russian National Youth Symphony Orchestra conducted by the expressive Bulgarian conductor Nayden Todorov. The musicians played with enthusiasm and passion, getting involved in the imaginative environment of opera arias and symphonic fragments of the evening.

December 2021

Nezavisimaya Gazeta – Russia

Maestro Nayden Todorov was keenly aware of the nuances. The Russian National Youth Symphony Orchestra acted as a faithful assistant to him in this task.

January 2020

Cellesche Zeitung – Germany

It was really magical what was presented on stage for a good two and a half hours. Actually, it would have been enough just to listen to the orchestra under the direction of Nayden Todorov.

December 2019

Wiener Bezirksblatt – Austria

You could feel and see how Todorov managed to get the musicians involved and inspire them. In the sold out Musikverein the audience thanked him with long lasting ovations

December 2019

Kronenzeitung – Austria

Conductor Nayden Todorov pulled out all the musical skills. The audience was thrilled by the contrast between the finely chiseled passages and the rapidly virtuoso parts. In this interpretation, Todorov combined spiritedly gripping gesture and masterly formal overview. The sound beauty and fine sound culture are impressive. Todorov explored the increases under high tension until the final.

December 2019

Wiener Zeitung – Austria

In early December we could experience the Sofia Philharmonic under the direction of conductor Nayden Todorov in the sold-out Musikverein. Todorov manages to work out a special, warm and colourful sound. He succeeds in combining the classical Viennese tradition with the Slavic emotion. Conductor and the orchestra are obviously not looking for shows or big effects, but are about the music itself.

March 2019

Ostthüringer Zeitung – Germany

In the interpretation of Nayden Todorov you could feel that the conductor comes from Vienna. With the Thuringian Symphony Orchestra he found exactly the right measure to reveal the great rhapsodic breath that permeates the symphony and to make the finest details, enchanting, small stories audible in the figures.

May 2018

Kultura – Bulgaria

The conductor’s clear vision of the overall dramaturgical line also contributed to the convincing presentation of the Fifth Symphony. With its metaphorical transition from reflection on a tragic fate to a triumph of will, the symphony was saved by the often-threatening pathetic triviality that lurks above it.

October 2017

Impressio – Bulgaria

Nayden Todorov is among the most talented Bulgarian musicians, with vivid interpretations of both symphonic and operatic works.

April 2016

Kultura – Bulgaria

Todorov, a conductor of the emotional element, with an instinct for the vocal center in operatic art.

August 2015

Allgemeine Zeitung – Germany

Nayden Todorov and his orchestra managed to convey the enthusiasm for the imperishable dream material of love and death in a well coordinated interplay with the soloists and ensemble members at the opera gala on the Schlossberg.

November 2014

Kultura – Bulgaria

The Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra likes to play with Nayden Todorov, the musicians play with desire and this was evident in Requiem, they are well prepared, they are reactive, they gave their bests.

May 2014

Opera News – USA

Wichita Grand Opera and conductor Nayden Todorov did themselves proud with this performance of Rossini’s last and perhaps greatest opera… The audience appeared quite enthralled by this profound work, applauding generously after scenes and arias, and greeting the conclusion of the stirring finale with unrestrained enthusiasm.

December 2013

Suedkurier – Germany

The sensitive accompaniment by the Orchestra under the direction of Nayden Todorov is accentuated and yet pleasantly reserved and thus makes a decisive contribution to perfect listening pleasure.

February 2013

Kultura – Bulgaria

Even the pace and character of the rumba in the Cuban Overture showed that the conductor’s work here went beyond the quick reading of a popular text. And the orchestra itself responded with joy and imagination to the music movement. There was an acoustic play, masterful solo moments, a well balanced sound.

March 2012

Kultura – Bulgaria

The performance “catches” you with potential in the musician’s work of Nayden Todorov and with good ideas of Adelaida Yakimova, despite the excesses in the fantasy analogies of the direction.

December 2011

Kultura – Bulgaria

Led by the conductor Nayden Todorov, the orchestra of the Stara Zagora Opera performed very well in the difficult repertoire with works by Verdi, Cilea, Donizetti, Mozart and Mascagni.

December 2010

Gazzetta del sud – Italy

Masterful performance by the Cilea orchestra conducted by Maestro Todorov. A national exclusive, in a suggestive atmosphere, which has combined two great realities: the excellence of dance and the professionalism of Calabrian musicians, directed by maestro Nayden Todorov. Thanks to maestro Todorov we were able to get a unique, unforgettable opera.

October 2010

Kreis Anzeiger – Germany

The orchestra lent excitement and drama through the energetic yet sensitive direction of the conductor Nayden Todorov.

January 2010

Badische Zeitung – Germany

Orchestra, performing under the direction of Nayden Todorov, creates a foundation worth hearing…

January 2010

Allgemeine Zeitung – Germany

The orchestra under the sensitive direction of its conductor Nayden Todorov shone professionally and harmoniously with the famous „first“ violin of Dimitrij Shostakovich.

July 2009

Schwarzwalder Bote – Germany

Even here conductor Nayden Todorov impressively demonstrated that he had a firm grip on the ensemble. Just watching the man conduct his orchestra was a feast for the eyes.

July 2008

Main Rheiner – Germany

Verdi, Bizet, Puccini, Donizetti or Leoncavallo – their arias could not be missing from this “Best of” – again sensitively accompanied by the Plovdiv Symphony Orchestra under Nayden Todorov.

March 2008

Siegener Zeitung – Germany

Under the masterly musical accompaniment of the symphony orchestra from Plovdiv under the sensitive and energetic direction of Nayden Todorov, it was the passionately performed interpretations of the protagonists in particular that made the evening an unforgettable event for all visitors.

January 2008

Mindener Tageblatt – Germany

Conductor Nayden Todorov sees “Carmen” not only as a stormy, moving drama, but also directs with a sense for the tonal nuances of the score.

January 2008

Salzburger Kulturzeitung – Austria

Conductor Nayden Todorov is a capable opera conductor who can hold a performance together very well and lovingly paints out interesting details.

December 2007

Die Stimme – Germany

Todorov perfectly brings singers and orchestra together. The musicians sensitively feel every mood with their instruments.

November 2007

Jurnalul National – Romania

Todorov is endowed with a rare ability for communication with the performers, which is why he has been preferred to the world’s most prestigious orchestras and soloists.

November 2007

ORF – Austria

Nayden Todorov has only been opera director in Russe for two years and a lot has happened in that time. Todorov brings out nine to ten productions a year, some with young conductors and modern directors.

October 2007

Neue Zürcher Zeitung – Switzerland

The orchestra – a differentiated and accurate accompanying ensemble under the direction of Nayden Todorov…

October 2007

Schaffhauser Nachrichten – Switzerland

The musicians of State Opera Rousse were led by their chief conductor Nayden Todorov, who offered excellent cooperation, rousing enthusiasm for the music and great skill.

May 2007

La Voz de Galicia – Spain

A lot of applause after the interpretation of the Overture for the conductor Todorov, who offered a delicious, very balanced version, in which he succeeded to show the qualities of the orchestra.

August 2006

Music Web International – United Kingdom

There is considerable orchestral music included in these excerpts and Nayden Todorov coaxes wonderfully expressive playing from his Sofia orchestra… Another Naxos opera triumph. An intelligent and valuable concept. All performed with passion and commitment.

October 2005

Press & Sun-Bulletin – USA

The orchestra, directed by Nayden Todorov managed Verdi’s melodic score beautifully as well as the singers; the ensemble numbers in particular were fantastic.

July 2005

Solothurner Zeitung – Switzerland

A conductor who seduces … Not only the devil seduces the Faust audience of Solothurn, but once again the young conductor Nayden Todorov. Two years ago, “Faust” became a sensational success under his direction, last summer also “Andrea Chénier” Nayden Todorov shades the “Faust” color of the score, dabbing highlights with a supple sound and a soulful melody with a fine brush. The Bulgarian breathes with the singers. A musician through and through who fascinates acoustically and optically with round, flowing movements.

March 2005

The Wichita Eagle – USA

Most interesting in this Aida was the sound produced by the orchestra, conducted by Nayden Todorov. The strings and winds blended wonderfully with dark, shadowy hues. Even the brasses’ blare was blunted by a pillowy softness.

March 2005

Kansas City Star – USA

Under the steady baton of conductor Nayden Todorov, the tale of star-crossed lovers in war-torn Egypt unfolded with crisp precision.

February 2005

Aachener Zeitung – Germany

…the symphony orchestra from the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv was conducted by Maestro Nayden Todorov smoothly and flawlessly during the full performance.

February 2005

Classics today – USA

It’s clear that conductor Nayden Todorov believes in Glass’ music and he gets committed playing from the Plovdiv Philharmonic Orchestra.

February 2004

Gramophone – United Kingdom

Тhe wider range of Todorov’s tempi enables the exciting climaxes to achieve their effect all the more powerfully.

January 2004

Music Web International – United Kingdom

As a performance, it would be hard to imagine a better one… If I may dream an impossible dream, I would wish that I could expose every lover of ballet, classical music, and lover of the story of Don Quixote to this recording. The Sofia National Opera Orchestra, along with Nayden Todorov, has produced a gem and should be proud.

November 2003

Washington Post – USA

The orchestra, chorus and four soloists were all exemplary musicians, deeply familiar with Mozart’s style and directed firmly and subtly by conductor Nayden Todorov. Symphony No. 40 emerged with high energy in the first movement, gentle colours in the second, intense drama in the minuet and quicksilver brilliance in the finale.

November 2003

The Courier – USA

The conductor Nayden Todorov kept things moving, allowing the singers leeway but making sure they didn’t go overboard. He set crisp, swift tempi, and was in obvious control.

July 2003

Aargauer Zeitung – Switzerland

With his presence and sensitivity in the accompaniment of the arias, Todorov conveyed the security that the performers need on stage in order to be able to concentrate fully on their singing and playing. They thanked him and the audience with remarkable achievements.

July 2003

Berner Zeitung – Switzerland

Especially Nayden Todorov is a sound mage, with feverish tempos and a sense for the Gounod’s elegance and melting melody.

October 2002

The Eagle – USA

Nayden Todorov drew fine shaping from the strings. The brass section met his demands with fearless vigor and awesome accuracy.

September 2002

Stringendo Magazine – Australia

The orchestra under Nayden Todorov adds due weight and dramatic impact. Dynamic balance, rhythm, pulse and phrasing are all attended to under his tight direction.

February 2002

Gazeta Wyborcza – Poland

Among the guest artists the greatest and most emotionally charged bravos went deservedly to conductor Nayden Todorov…He presented the music in lively fashion, pulsating, filled with rousing interest…I would like very much to see again the art of conducting of this conductor.

February 2002

Glos Wielkopolski – Poland

The 28-year-old conductor proved himself to be the “key to success” of Saturday’s concert. He is an extremely gifted musician with a large personality, filled with the joy of creating music and possessing great skill in his dialogue with the orchestra, and in fulfilling all of one’s expectations…

December 2001

British Music Society – United Kingdom

Todorov checks so well, slows and grades the pace in the slow movement. Imagine what he would make of the slow movement of Rachmaninov’s Second Symphony. In the Nimrod section of Enigma he might even out-Bernstein Bernstein in his last recording of the Elgar work.

December 2001

Music Web International – United Kingdom

As it is Todorov probably handles this movement better than any of the other versions I have heard including the Downes, Segerstam and Schønwandt.

November 2000

Music Horizons – Bulgaria

A conductor with very promising talent and great perspectives.…The performance was marked with high emotion and professionalism… An intelligent interpretation was a result of the confident leadership of the conductor… The good balance in the orchestra, the powerful dynamic construction combined with a feeling for artistic measure are the notable result of his professionalism.

August 2000

Gramophone – United Kingdom

The Plovdiv Philharmonic from Bulgaria gives a spirited account of what must have seemed a most unfamiliar score and style! Todorov’s direction is a little cautious but never stolid, auguring well for the rest of this fascinating series.

June 1998

Nie – Bulgaria

Can somebody remember the last time the concert hall was so overfilled? A significant cultural event brought together many more people than are accommodated in the hall, the gifted conductor Nayden Todorov accepted the invitation of the Vidin Philharmonic… an irrepressible aesthetic delight… a storm of loud applause…

June 1995

Mannersdorf Nachrichten – Austria

The audience admired the 21-year-old Nayden Todorov. No wonder that the conductor who studies now in Vienna wasn’t let go without an encore.

February 1994

Zov – Bulgaria

When youth goes together with such a talent and maturity, it is something to be admired. The reason for the loud applause of the Vratza public was young guest conductor Nayden Todorov. He enraptured the audience with his multiple qualities of remarkable musicianship, reach spiritual leadership, technical precision and logical interpretation.

April 1993

Kultura – Bulgaria

Nayden Todorov belongs, no doubt, to the type of people who are never satisfied with what they achieve.  The energy, musical passion, and rare diligence he demonstrates is absolutely amazing.

April 1993

Zov – Bulgaria

The music lovers of Vratza had the chance once again to meet the extremely gifted young conductor and pianist Nayden Todorov. From the amazed musicians in the orchestra came a phenomenon in Bulgarian music. A musician the likes of which we have not seen for a long time.

March 1993

Voice – Bulgaria

Nayden Todorov coped with the difficult score without problem. In his performance stand out the steady mastery of the musical form and his very special sense for a plastic phrase.

October 1992

Voice – Bulgaria

Is Herbert von Karajan born again?

September 1992

Offenbacher Post – Germany

Especially in the slow movements, one notices the strength with which Nayden Todorov holds the musicians in his hands, how one movement of his elbow sends a jolt of tension to the orchestra and also to the audience.

August 1992

Plovdiv News – Bulgaria

The 17-year-old conductor Nayden Todorov succeeded with two concerts only to embrace his older colleagues. His destiny is to be a conductor!

April 1992

Voice – Bulgaria

Nayden Todorov is born to be a musician, he is sovereign in the area called music. It seems that for him nothing else exists. But it is clear to everybody who knows him that he is an organizer, and doesnít just consume his abilities. One is clear: a new star is born. Let’s enjoy his magnificence.

March 1992

Voice – Bulgaria

With absolutely precise gestures astonishing for his age, and with an amazingly correct feeling for the right tempo, conducting with inspiration and fire, his growth is beyond the standards for a person of his age and experience.

October 1991

Hadler Nachrichten – Germany

This, what the young artist from Bulgaria offered to our public was just a musical delicacy.

October 1991

Niederelbe Zeitung – Germany

The only 17-year-old Nayden Todorov directed the chamber orchestra according to experts “fiery and with professional manners”.